Friday, June 30, 2006

Why Devs should just shut up and Create...

Scott Jennings of Broken Toys (who I'm currently building a pedastal for in my pantheon of gaming deities) rocked my socks off tonight with the following observations on the relationship between the MMO dev/CSR crew and 'the horde', or, you and me and the rest of the evil player fiends.

"most MMO developers should never, ever, EVER talk to players directly. Good lord. You think community people piss off the player base? Never let them near the bitter programmer who’s been on a live team for over three years and views his subscriber base as a pack of ravenous mongoloid zombie hordes with attention deficit disorder. People who may be excellent programmers, artists, or designers may have really lousy people skills.
Even if the developer isn’t a frothy blend of ennui and hatred, the alternative is in many ways worse. Picture the guy who’s been plucked from the community of gamers and is LIVING HIS DREAM! He gets to WORK ON GAMES! WOOOH! And MMOS! HOOAH! It’s the big show, and every day… every FREAKING DAY he’s sitting in on a meeting planning out incredibly cool stuff that is going to ROCK YOUR WORLD OFF, and he just has to tell SOMEONE… and then the producer gets to deal with the community seeing yesterday’s brainstormed three bagger as a promise with the weight of Holy Writ."

I'm not going to draw the obvious connections to, ahem, certain crew members over at Planet SWG but, c'mon, we KNOW you feel this way about us, and, funnily enough, we feel the same way!

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