Saturday, June 17, 2006

A life in the day of a Star Wars Crafter

Crafter blog.
Day One. Today I hand sampled blistersonthebum, an extruded ore.

Day Two. I placed 2000 units of blistersonthebum on the bizaar. I will be rich soon!!

Day Nine. Whaffatuck? My blistersonthebum disappeared of the bazaar because nobody bought it? Don't they know how much I suffered getting that?? I quit.

Day Nine, part two. OK, I'll not quit. Maybe I'll make shirts instead. Tomorrow I will sample enough materials to make some shirts. I'll sell them and buy a harvester.

Day Twelve. OK, what is wrong with these people? I've had black shirts (Imperial) on the bazaar since yesterday and not one has sold. There's other shirts at 20000cr on there so they must sell..

Day Twenty Three. By the golden apples of Eris, pilot is way too much fun. Must try crafting again soon.

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