Tuesday, June 20, 2006

[SW:G] 3rd Anniversary - Player v Dev PvP battle.

Well, this is gonna be a short report...

Server was taken down for a bump and brought back up just about on time for the official start.

My toon was already in Theed and it was something to see over 100 players all log in simultaneously outside the SP. Headed towards the edge of town where I was going to wait to find out what was going to happen when a sysmsg popped up with two waypoints, one for Imps, one for Rebs.

ITV's were called, shuttles hopped, yachts spawned and everyone started heading towards Moenia. The server went down.

Pex posted a note that they had 'found something' that needed immediate attention and the server would be back up in about an hour. True enough, about an hour later it was back up and running.

Loaded in, headed to the Rebel waypoint where there was a good sized crowd around the frog. (Rough estimate 75 - 100 players) Hooked up with some TC regulars and we all proceeded to stand about going "so, what next?". The next hour was largely taken up just trying to get the group formed up, people couldn't travel in because of lag, people in the area couldn't chat due to lag.

I realised, after ~45mins, that I was taking hits from a BH standing 30m away. I couldn't target him to fire back, lol. Ran out of range, came back in fast and still couldn't do any damage.

Just then a sysmsg came up announcing that 'after a frenzied battle the Rebels had won'. Which was news to us as we couldn't see anything that looked like fighting apart from some newbs dueling at the frogs with flamers.

Minutes later we got a 'thank you for coming' and that was it... The Battle of Moenia. I didn't even get a chance to take screenies, lol. I did have FRAPS running but again, nothing filmed as nothing happened.

Boy, am I looking forward to the next one AND the Restuss Event.

oh yeah....

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