Saturday, June 24, 2006

I wish I'd said that!

Kwong-Wah, a SWG Test Centre veteran and all round decent bloke let rip at 'the Dread Lord Helios':

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Helios_SOE wrote:

AD_MK wrote:

how do you expect the system to be properly tested if you're just going to skip it and bump onto phase 2?

for gods sake, let us test things!

The QA departments at SOE and Lucas Arts have been testing this event for weeks. This weekend is more intended to give you guys a try at it before it rolls out on live servers; it's not what we rely on for testing.

To the original poster, I find the testing comments hilarious. I've been absent from TC for six months. However I kept track of everything that was going on with TC, the remergence of frogs, the lack of subsequent rollback, the screw up of the TC economy as a result. Why I find the testing comments hilarious? I'll tell you, every minute I'm on TC, I'm asked where the hell did I get the elder title from, where do I get this, that from? When I'm busy checking on something a bug or functionality of something, I get called an arrogant git because I don't have time to reply to everyone on the server who wants to know where to get pearls from. Frankly since coming back there are only a handful of people I've ran into who cares about testing on the server. Those that do are old time regular TC players and the correspondents. I'm not surprised from the treatment I've recieved that so many of the old TC players have quit the server or moved onto the live servers. I seriously doubt 99% of the players I ran into even know how to file a bug report, all they seem to care about is why the heck the jedi options on the frog aren't working. Virtually all the people I ran into are busy pvping at the frogs or in front of the starport. I have no problem with them doing that. What I do have a problem with is those that claim to be testing when in fact they are not. This isn't directed at the quoted poster but some of the newer residents of the TC server.

To Helios, truth hurts when it comes to TC that's its no longer serving it's purpose. Who's to blame here? The players, the devs or the damn idiot who refused to rollback the TC database after putting those damn frogs on the server. In one shot the frogs screwed up the Test Center economy, handicapped all trader professions and made the server one nightmare place to be. And you have the audiacity to wonder why the server population was dwindling or why testing wasn't happening? It was well documented frogs do not promote testing and are short term fixes.

There's a saying "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me". Time and time again people on TC had been promised about being treated right, time and time again this has failed. YOu can not expect people to care if you do not care about them first. The old TC community can be quite understanding if you let them, but stab them in the back more than once, they'll burn you at the stake before anything else.

Want a solution to this nightmare on TC? First rollback the server back to prior to this frog incident. Or do a complete wipe and start again. Cause without either of these, the economy is a seriously messed up place and offers all the old traders (or even new traders) no incentive to craft.

Second add incentives for people to actually be on TC, double/triple xp, additional character slots are some examples of what to do. Greater interaction between devs/QAs and the community on the Test Center. Probably plenty of other things you could try. Heck do what they do with EQ1, let people who play on TC regularly have free access to the expansions, but not on the live servers.

But from what I've been hearing from some old hands, I guess we should be lucky those that treat TC as their play server to still have a home. Probably the best thing to do if its purpose is no longer for testing is just to rename it and make it a live server.


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