Saturday, June 17, 2006

Karen Travis and the Grimy Underbelly of Fandom

I sometimes wonder at the very vocal rantings of some of the SW(G) fanbase so was interested when Karen Traviss blogged:

"I'm still mired in some excruciatingly painful deadlines but I wanted to drop by and thank you all. And I'm sorry that I didn't even drop a hint about the Boba novella. You know me. The silent service... ;) Can neither confirm nor deny etc etc etc.

Since DarkMoose blogged on the activities of the grimy underbelly of fandom last week, I've had lots of mail from you folks and it's touched me deeply. It's lovely to know that so many of you care and want to support me when I'm targeted by trolls. (Yes, okay Moosie, trolls - I forgot how old this behaviour is, and that it had a name long ago. It even predates the internet.) Thank you, everyone." Full article at

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