Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Nero. Rome. Fiddle...

Today, at 12 noon BST, the SW:G servers went down for a patch update, or, in the the devs NuSpeak "Publish 1.1". The servers would typically have been expected to be down for 2 hours give or take, but by mid afternoon Garva is posting that there's a problem and that they'll be down for another 3-4 hours.

Well, they were still resting at 7pm... not entirely sure when they eventually went back up but they'd staggered to life before 10pm BST.

While all this was going on, Helios, Lead Designer (and I'm starting to really think he means Lead as in the metal) posts:

Helios_SOE wrote (06-27-2006 06:20 PM) :

... anyone up for a friendly skirmish on Restuss/TC while we wait for the servers to load?

So, while Rome burned, figuratively speaking, Helios finds time to go play Boomstick and Glowsticks. BRILLIANT!

Nobody thought of actually using the time to go onto the Test Centre and looking at the shitload of bugs that have been reported and that are STILL unfixed? Maybe try reproducing some of the LoS issues? Address the fact that TC is effectively a different game from Live as the frogs spew out gear that's not available to Live? That the TC economy has been royally buttfucked over and over again to the extent that the few non-combat toons around are the alts of people who used to give a flying fuck about the game and how it was tested?

Nah... too busy poncing about in his 800k buffed godmode way, getting his arse kissed by the fanbois.

Just remember, when it does go tits up, this is how Helios_SOE addresses issues, by going outside and playing.

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The Lost Ranger said...

Hmm. OK, some time later I'm rading this and my opinion of Helios has changed a bit, but am leaving this post as testament to the fact that I can be as big an arsehole as the next guy.

(Oh, and personal comments re TheDreadLordHelios aside, I still stand by my comments about the Restuss event)