Thursday, June 08, 2006

Rogue_5's Comlink. Is it LD?

Just noticed a new tab on the SW:G official forums, the "Feature Portal" which takes you, wonder of wonders, to a nice shiny new page that lists a load of the regualr features for the forums in a nice, clear, shiny format.

Had to laugh my socks off though at the entry for Grant McDaniel's "comlink":

Rogue_5's Comlink
Grant "Rogue_5" McDaniel is the SOE producer and Star Wars Galaxies Team leader. Rogue_5 posts a weekly update to the community. Don't miss out on this transmission!

Well, I'm all agog and just waiting to see what fun, exciting and starwarsy news the iconic Rouge 5 (sic) has to offer.... so I click and whaddaya know...

The first two articles were posted on his behalf, he's not actually posted a weekly update since the end of April and that was only the second he'd managed since the previous stint when helios was posting fo him.

On checking the Rogue_5 tracker, he's not managed to log on to the forums in a while either.
(Date Last Visited 05-16-2006 04:38 PM)

Now I'm not ragging on the wee fella, heck knows, the last time we saw him (on the E3 video) he was looking hunted enough, but seriously, when SW:G Dev's go quiet the fans start wondering just what the heck is coming next...

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