Friday, June 09, 2006

Chapter 1. A new beginning or more of the same but nu and improved?

Dem bombad devs over at SWG have been at da crunchin' again and meesa still bogglin....

Weapon conversion:

DXR6 carbine/rifle was my weapon of choice since way before CU. It was always just a lovely big brutal beast spitting gobs of superheated plasma into the moist tender parts of my targets... (I'm a pacifist irl, btw, before you start running and hiding your kids) My current one isn't 'the best' I've had but it was pretty handy. Decent damage, high rate of fire and a rifles range.

Now it's a bit pants. In fact, I've got reward SWORDS that do more damage, lol.

OTOH, I found my Nym's have converted really nicely and my trusty Tusken rifles are ideal for PvE.


Meh... I can pretty much manage without all that assistance. Just point and shoot....

Combat. PvE.

As a lvl 90 spy I don't find THAT much difference. It starts getting ugly I hit smoke and rest up, then kill the bugger. I've done krayts already, avatar blackscale... but I got my ass handed to me by some lvl 30 legacy thugs as they swarmed me and even with gas, smoke and running away stealthed I still went over.

I don't PvP. Not unless I've done something daft and gone overt, in which case I die fast.

Creature AI? Oh,that's borked.

UI? Don't get me started. It's still fugly AND they have added another non-scalable, non-customisable flickerbar which, if truth be told, seems to be there JUST to break the UI mods that people were using.

Seriously, there's something in their attitude to the UI that's like a 5 year old kid that wants you to play and be his buddy but you have GOT to play by HIS rules or he's gonna throw a paddy....

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