"Yeah, whaddaya want?"
"Survey Vessel Sullust Sky. Request landing clearance to Mos Eisley Sierra Papa. Customs clearance docket #3159-204."
"Hold your station Sullust Sky. Checking your details... you'd be surprised the scum we get trying to slip in here..."
"Roger that. Sullust Sky holding."

The comms window cleared and K'hen sat back in the plasteel pilots chair watching as the beams from searchlights on Tat Station rolled lazily back and forth along the hull of his ship looking for any external signs he was carrying contraband items and, just as importantly, that he hadn't picked up any mynock parasites in space.

A short two tone beep alerted him to an incoming message "Survey Vessel Sullust Sky proceed to hangar for docking and transshipment to surface. Docking clearance 419"

He pushed the nose of his ship down and slowly moved into the small hangar doorway. As he approached the hangar, large airscrubbers were sucking the air in the boxlike chamber into internal tanks to minimise loss of vital gasses during the docking process.

Electromagnetic shielding which formed the 'doors' of the hangar would be switched off to allow him to enter and land. By the time he had done that, a near normal atmosphere would have been restored in the hangar space so there was no need to wear the heavy flight suit and helmet required on mining outposts such as Tansari.

That, of course, was the theory. All travellers up here had stories of cheating death when a careless operator purged the hangar too soon or was late closing the shielding. Nunb had never seen an accident like that for himself, but of course, he knew somebody who'd met someone in a cantina who'd had a landing pad technician hit the front viewport screens after being sucked out into space...

He chuckled to himself at such bogeyman tales then hauled the himself into the heavy flightsuit, just in case.

The SoroSuub 3000 hovered a metre above the glassy floor of the hangar, repulsor lifts holding her steady while a binary load lifter offloaded pallets of containerised mining equipment. Nunb made a final pass of the ship, securing lockfast cabinets and sealing each compartment as he left it. The skyhop pilots could be trusted, so far, but as the ship would be left unattended in the storage bays on the station, there was no point leaving things to chance.

Hoisting a sturdysack onto his shoulders the tall Sullustan clambered down the rear ramp of his ship, checked the details on the skyhops docket and headed to the small shuttle that would tranship him to Tatooine planetside.