Friday, March 24, 2006

Bye Raph...

Well,I was in the middle of writig a big piece for today, kicking about some ideas about 'heritage' and how it adds depth to the character, adds interest for RP etc, but I got interupted by a post saying that Raph Koster has left SOE.

/sal Raph

There goes the last hope of ever seeing complexity back in SWG. The current dev crew seem fixated with linear quests that are one step away, and in many cases don't even pretend to make that step, from 'Kill Ten Rats'.

Dunno where you're headed Raph, but here's to you!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

P27.5... The more it changes, the more it stays the same..

Weirdest night yet in the land of SWG.

First of all I headed for Kashyyk, and there's a double gold elite CL88 charging about slaughtering all and sundry while remaining unattackable himself. Apparently somebody died in the Blackscale Camp and one of the bosses followed him back to the cloner.

Then one lad calls his bike, jumps on, bike despawns and he 'drives' out of town with his legs buried in the ground. Sliding along at swoop speeds must leave terrible grass stains on your, uhm, undercarriage ;)

So, off to Bestine to level my medic and, wham..

Land in the starport and die fast as there's.... yup, a couple of silver elite Blackscale Guards who've followed somebody back from Kashyyk. My, how we laughed as our corpses grew fly blown and bloated under the Tatooine suns.

Took a short run out to do a little levelling at Fort tusken. Nice to see that the Hi Ho Silver lag problem in that sector of the map is a) still there and b) not restricted to just Bria. (We were now over on Flurry)

And finally, the old 'Flintstones' routine, but with extra points for getting air.

So, there y'go. They might be managing to 'fix' the entertainers problems of not being able to take part in the bulk of content by giving them COMBAT levels and managing to 'help' the crafters by having loot drops of flooded armour and decent weapons dropping like dandruff at a metal gig.

But you can rely on the SWG developers to keep all those FUN and starwarsy moments ingame.... What? You don't remember seeing Luke and Ben's feet sticking out the bottom of their speeder as it wheelied into Mos Eisley?

;) Maybe that was just in the NGE Cut.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New post from the Tiggs.

New post from the Tiggs.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Dirty Sweet Little Things

Inspired by the PA/Smed exchange... A Waste Sensation