Thursday, June 08, 2006

[SWG] Goin' back to it's roots, yeah...

Over at MoggNation Michael salutes SWG Returning to it's roots, kinda.

He finishes off with the questions "What if you’re over that level? Or what if CorSec hates you? Where’s the love? I guess, at least, they’re trying something new."

So of course the latent fanboi in me just HAD to reply:

Level. Apparently (and we've just got to trust them on this) there will be higher level stuff in the later chapters, as the story unfolds, in the fullness of time...

CorSec hate? /emote sigh... if only. Sadly faction beyond Imp/Reb means nothing at the moment. You can be a CorSec murdering son of a bothan and still they'll welcome you in with open arms.

Where's the love... we's all a-askin' dat meesta, eesa all de bombad crunchin', deres no lovin in de galaxies...

And, yes. They are trying. Very.

Still. Interesting times, eh? 6-8 hours downtime scheduled today to roll out "Chapter 1" and then we'll see. One thing I CAN guarantee and that's that some folk will be happy clappers and others will be well ticked.

(Well, I would have replied if the cussed security tag number verification thing didn't have a shitty on and keep telling me that I can't 'kin read.... )

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