Monday, September 05, 2005

What's this all about...

For me, this blog is 'just' an online journal, but I hope that it's entertaining for any misguided souls that manage to wander in here ;)

Ever since the dark old days of D&D (yes, I'm old enough to remember Gigax, Jackson & co) and pen and paper, turn based war games, I've really preferred playing scout/ranger type characters, maybe with the odd rogue sneaking in once in a while.

Nowadays, I play SWG, AO and wandered into EQII briefly under their 'suck it and see' offer of a weeks free play. Mostly I play SWG tho, for all it's quirks and challenges, as I just couldn't get 'into' the other games in the same way. Even after several hours of caffeine and pizza fueled keyboard mashing I was still very much aware of 'the game' whereas I find SWG to be far more immersive and while I'm playing I 'am' my toon...

So, what else.... I enjoy 3d modelling, mostly landscapes, townscapes and structures, hang out on some game related forums and, uhm, well, the rest is just RL crap and we don't need to go there ;)

Travel well,