Saturday, September 17, 2005

Could be good, at a pinch

OMFG!!1!1!111one!1!1!!!eleven!1!!!11 teh nu rangorz r teh roxors... and other l33t type bollocks.

Took a couple of hours off last night, went to do some RL socialising. Sometime after midnight I plonked my beer infused carcase in front to the puter, opened the SWG forums and saw I had a couple of PM's.

"What you think then??" Blank look from me...

"Hey, check out the new proposals... whaddaya think" So off to the In Dev forum and there's a HUGE thread discussing the new Ranger proposals. Two years of waiting and we finally get some dev love.

I'll let you, dear reader, decide for yourself what you htink of the changes, but, to all intents and purposes Ranger is no more. The thread should be entitled "We Were Rangers" as most of our working skills are going to migrate down to Scout. We'll be getting new battlefield traps, some sexy stealth skills and the ability to sneak and steal.

Needless to say the community is divided. Even I've got mixed feelings. It's good in parts.
For long enough Ranger HAS been Scout Plus, so that's a sensible move there from the devs, and the stealth/steal thing? Sure, every other MMO has a rogue class, maybe it should be a smuggler thing, dunno.

Mind you, today, I've been thinking how cool it'd be to sneak into Jabba's palace and steal Oona's leotard...

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