Monday, September 05, 2005

Pack up your troubles... yada yada

So, new feature "Pack up your house" came in recently. And It Works!!

Just dragged my loot store, a small generic, halfway across Tat to my main centre of operations just outside Mos Espa.

Really simple to do.

From the housing management terminal select "pack up this building", read the dialogue, click OK, see your house vanish from around you.

After a few minutes moonwalking while the database and game engine go "whuh? where'd it go...?" it's time to head to the new location.

If I wanted to I could keep the house stored im my datapad indefinitly, just keep paying the rent as usual. There's an option on the icon in your datapad.

At the new site, select "unpack this house" and you get the normal structure placement screen coming up. I like to get as much front porch as I can so I tinkered about, trying the house onthis slope, that slope and eventually settled for sticking it next to my shop.

Oh, one thing, you can't store a house which has a vendor inside. Or a PA HAll for that matter, which is a pain as I really want to shift mine.

ah well, n/m :)

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