Monday, September 05, 2005

Smarts, Traps and No Armour

One difference I've noticed when playing double combat elite templates, or from watching others play them, is that we still end up going toe to toe withthe critters, even when we're riflemen with 65m or more range.

Well, if you're wearing top end armour, you've had it sliced and ADK'd, you're not fussed about decay. And you do as much damage up close as youdo from the far end of the field BUT you don't need to run in to loot and harvest.

On the other hand, I have a couple of low to mid end toons who never wear armour, rarely die, hardly ever have wounds and seem to do pretty well against most stuff up to the elites and double gold elite.

Why? Because they use a combination of smarts and traps.

Leading an attack against a pod of creatures with a P-dart or a stink bomb let's you apply a state to the creature and also draw it away from the rest of the pod as it aggores on you, only you and you alone.

You pull back, dragging the critter away from it's pals, hit it with your heaviest attack, immobilise it with a snare or KD shot, hit it again with your heavy and by now the first traps states are wearing off, hit it with another trap. Gives you a moment or three to draw back again and, usually, finish the bleeder off.

Run in, harvest, loot, heal if necessary and move in to start dragging the next one out.

"Rinse, wash and repeat"

Oh, just remember to watch where you are moving back to.... I was grinding on Dant and, yup, backing away from some bols I went straight into a voritor lair. BAD news. Still, nice trip to the cloner, gave me time to get a fresh mug of coffee and take a nature break ;)

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