Saturday, September 10, 2005

Water Water Everywhere

Back on Tatooine for a few days R&R after flying endless destroy missions in Endor space.

Sitting in the 'tina sharing a caf with some other scruffy nerfherder types I overheard somebody say there's only the one fishing hole on Tat. "Bollocks mate" I heard myself say "there's got to be for or five places to fish on this rock..."

And that's how I found myself scanning the planetary map for anything that looked vaguely blue-ish and then heading over there with my jar o'bugs and a fine fishing pole that our guild crafters had made me a while since.

Easiest one to find was the Imperial Oasis. About 6km west of Mos Espa, its not great for fishing if you're not on the best of terms with the Empire due to the garrison they have right by the waters edge.

Then it was off to the Krayt Graveyard and, sure enough, up in the hills theres a pretty decent sized pond. Just keep an eye open for dragons coming down to drink. They don't seem too keen on sharing their watering hole with others.

South about 7k and there's a small pond nestling in the bottom of a deep, almost volcanic crater.
Some of the locals say it's an old sarlac pit but I reckon they were just ragging on me. Leastwise I never caught anything begger than a minnow there.

Then, heading on the way back to Mos Eisley to pick up my ship, we found another oasis tucked away in a side valley. Probably 3k from town, slightly north east-ish. Looked a popular place, judging by the amount of houses crammed in around it.

Next time I get the chance I'm going to set up a fishing lodge there. Sell some poles, bugs, camps... yeah, nice place to retire to.

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