Sunday, July 02, 2006

These devs think people are so dumb.

These devs think people are so dumb.

It's not that they think the player base is dumb, it's that a dev, having been on a live team for several years starts to view the 'player' as a ravenous mongoloid zombie hydra with attention deficit disorder and serious split personality problems.

Just because somebody is a decent programmer doesn't mean that they are going to have people skills that are much better than their playerbase. As a result, most Devs should be forbidden from ever, ever speaking directly to players as no matter what they say they are going to piss people off.

Of course, community relations should speak to the players, they are after all the 'public facing' part of the dev cycle. But as we know, they just piss people off too. The hardline forum cop does their job and is slammed as being a nazi, the PR guy chats with player groups and is accused of elitism and building cliques.

But by far the worst, and best, example is the CS guy who has been plucked from the ranks and elevated to the dizzy heights of 'voice of the gods'. OOOHAAAH! He gets to go to work every day and Live The Dream. Working on MMO's and hanging with the cool kids and just *every freaking day* he gets to sit in on planning meetings and go 'do lunch'. And he's just got to tell somebody, cos this is the coolest thing since getting to grips with Mary Jane behind the bleachers... except *the players* take every last wittering of the Willing Fool as Holy Writ and, when some bluesky thinking bit of 'well maybe what if' gets kicked around the internet as a bit of' cast iron sure fire this is gonna happen'.

Long time ago wanted to get into game design. But seriously, having seen the green crayon scrawlings of some of 'teh f4nz' I'd be going to work in a stab vest and living under an assumed name. You plebs don't deserve me, and Lord knows, i don't deserve the sort of flak and grief that'd come with a job like that.

Did (insert random dev name here) lie? I dunno, I don't think he even though t it through as far as that.
Did the player base grab at one idea and build it into a whole empire... gosh, as if.
Are there players hanging on in the hope of a miracle and that the King Under The Hill will rise and lead them to vicotry/salvation/Chucky Cheese?
Are there devs that think their game would just be freaking awesome if it wasn't for the asshole customers and their "I pay for your home, boy, so git back in that cubicle and code me some dragonz..."

(Originally posted on MMORPG. Much of the above was stolen from a dev blog and referred to MMO devs in general. I'ts not just the SOE devs that can come off as the offcasts from The Muppet Show or just the SWG player base that are forthy mouthed zealots. *everymucker is like that*)

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