Friday, July 14, 2006

I am t3h uber... sort of.

45791AlmagillDouble WookieeUr-Paladin35CON 86Act III+3 Cambric Studded Plasma VambracesMulligan XFeel the squidgy edge of my Slime Finger XX!!!QoD

OK, I'm hooked. ProgressQuest is the most excellent example of how pointlessly futile yet fun old school D&D level based gaming can be... expecially when you take the player interaction nonsense out and just let it run.

Progress Quest is a next generation computer role-playing game. Gamers who have played modern online role-playing games, or almost any computer role-playing game, or who have at any time installed or upgraded their operating system, will find themselves incredibly comfortable with Progress Quest's very familiar gameplay. Progress Quest follows reverently in the footsteps of recent smash hit online worlds, but is careful to streamline the more tedious aspects of those offerings. Players will still have the satisfaction of building their character from a ninety-pound level 1 teenager, to an incredibly puissant, magically imbued warrior, well able to snuff out the lives of a barnload of bugbears without need of so much as a lunch break. Yet, gone are the tedious micromanagement and other frustrations common to that older generation of RPG's. (ProgressQuest group at yahoo)

"Fire & Forget RPGs brings gaming to new levels"
This is one of the best cases for software patents I've ever seen. If it's not already patented, I'm certain it'll be copied by all the big RPG companies. It's compelling and addictive. The best part is, you can play for hours, stop if you have to, and restart without missing a beat. (
-NotGrumdrig, user opinions)

What can I say? Apart from "just go download it and play... well, ok, play is maybe overstating it, but hehehe... slime finger XX ftw"...


*** Update ***

36775AlmagillDouble WookieeUr-Paladin43CON 164Act V+9 Cambric Custom Plasma HelmMulligan XXIIIDouble wookiee power!!

Sad, isn't it?


30383AlmagillDouble WookieeUr-Paladin48CON 295Act VII+34 Steely Vicious Bastard SwordMulligan XXX

Yay! Go me!

***UPDATE 28th July***

29094AlmagillDouble WookieeUr-Paladin49CON 345Act VIII+26 Fine Custom Platemail HauberkMulligan XXXIII

Ah, for one brief moment I had 60000 gold but then I belw it all on weapons and armour. LOL!

Still, I'm in the top 30000 now ;)


The Lost Ranger said...

NOW 40324 on Act IV

wtf are +4 Holy Gilded Plasma or Sollerets Mulligan XVIII

The Lost Ranger said...

30383 Almagill Double Wookiee Ur-Paladin 48 CON 295 Act VII +34 Steely Vicious Bastard Sword Mulligan XXX