Tuesday, July 25, 2006

So, what DID happen to SWG?

Henry Jenkins asks "So What Happened to Star Wars Galaxies?" and then gives some truly excellent analysis.

There is a link to Javier's goodbye video "Together" which helps illustrate the depth and range of involvement in the game that resulted in *massive* player investment in co-authoring the virtual world that was Star Wars Galaxies.

It's interesting to see 'history' being written, because that IS what this process is, and seeing the academics drawing the threads ouf the story out of the near mythology that's grown up around the NGE and it's precursor the CU.

Read the article, read the related pages (Raph's blog etc) and watch the video and just reflect on how shallow "It's just a game" sounds now.

/tiphat Javier
You and so many other elder entertainers are sadly missed. Not just for the dancing and the music but for the magic that you helped bring into the game. Without having to load/loot/kill.

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tante said...

Henry Jenkin's post is (as so often) really awesome, I just think you should fix your link to point to http://www.henryjenkins.org/2006/07/so_what_happened_to_star_wars.html
instead of the trackback URL or people will not be able to read it :(