Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Jeff posts

And I'm linking to it, because usually when his name appears on the internet these days, it’s coupled to a hope that he's died and gone to hell.

Well, not *every* time, Jeff. Even if you "can't" tell us what you're now working on ;)

I was disappointed when Jeff had to take his blog down a while back after it became Flame Central as every man and his monkey blamed him personally for, well, a number of decisions that were made in the development of a game that we all had a bit too much emotional investment in for it to be healthy.

Dundee's blog has led me to read more and more about and by the *people* who make games work and, well, frankly, I'm pretty ashamed of the way some players act. Like or dislike a decision that's been made, but draw the line at making it personal.

Karen Traviss wrote about a related subject recently when she and other SW EU writers were getting griefed by the green crayon weilding 'fans' and it certainly gave me pause for thought.

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