Monday, July 31, 2006

Jedi Knights and Census Takers Revisited.

Jedi Knights and Census Takers Revisited.

I'm in two minds about this kind of thing. Yeah, it's a bit of fun, cocking your snook at the establishment, yada yada, but the researcher in me cringes at the idea of some genealogist 100 years down the line going "Jedi? WTF??".

Still, read on, and if you're in Oz, you have to let the Force guide you..

Join The Force And Become A Census Jedi Knight

Posted By Dustin on July 29, 2006

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For the 15th time since Federation the every man, woman and child will be counted in the 2006 Australian Census and this time you can do it on the internet. But how does this relate to Star Wars you might ask? Last time some 70,000 people put down "Jedi" as their religion in an effort to get it officially recognized. Let's see if we can do better this time round come 8th August 2006.

Plenty of people tried to put the scare into people saying "You'll be tracked down and fined for giving false information"...WRONG (Read more here). If you have no real religion yourself but you're a HUGE Star Wars fan, or if you are a follower of the Jedi Faith this is your chance to be heard. Wookiees may not exist, lightsabers may not be real (yet) but do you believe in a UNIVERSAL FORCE?!?!

On the question of religion, VOTE JEDI. Put down "Jedi" on their census form. And remember, if you are a member of the Jedi religion then you are by default a 'Jedi Knight'. So If this has been your dream since you were 4 years old. Do it cos you love Star Wars. Tell all your Star Wars friends to join the coolest religion this side of the outer rim.


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