Tuesday, July 11, 2006

All Change at the SWG Forums

Possibly connected to news earlier in the year that SOE were changing the DB for some of their game forums.

SWG forums moving to an 'internal solution' (eeuw, that sounds colonic)

Greetings SWG Community!

On Tuesday, August 15th, 2006 Sony Online Entertainment will be transitioning the Star Wars: Galaxies (SWG) Official Forums to an internal forum solution. Transitioning to this new system gives us the opportunity to offer new functionality and update the system as often as needed. The new forums solution gives us greater flexibility and allows us to provide you with a better forum experience.

Your Forum Handles, post counts, posts, etc., will be transferred from the existing forums to the new forums. Bookmarks, subscriptions, friends lists, floated threads, etc . . . will most likely not transfer over. If you currently use any of these, you will want to make note of them before the transition, so that you can set them up once again, after the transition occurs.

Forum Ranks (titles) will go through some changes. However, you will automatically receive the appropriate new ranks and titles upon login. Those of you with specialized forum ranks and privileges will be adjusted after the launch of the new forums or shortly thereafter.

During the transition period, the forums will be down for 5 days (while we migrate the posts from the current forums). A single temporary board will be available during this time. Data will not be transferred from the temporary forum, so don’t get too comfortable there. If any of this information changes, we will post the updated information on the official website.

Once the new forums are live we will provide more information on all of the new features.

Thank you and please keep in mind that the Dates and time period is subject to change!

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