Saturday, May 06, 2006

Subtle as a what?

"Be as bold as Boba Fett or as subtle as a bothan spy". So goes the blurb in the recent mailshot from SOE celebrating P28.

The above is part of the spiel about the removal of armour restrictions and, disregarding the fact that only a couple of professions can be 'as bold as Boba' *due to armour restrictions* what, just what is SUBTLE about being a bothan spy?

I mean, just from the outset being a bothan surely sets peoples spidey senses jingling? "Hmm, looks a bit like the love child of Scooby Doo and a shauput... must be a bothan. Hey, aren't they the well know spies??" and then announcing the fact, for anyone that had any doubt about your spyishness (Is that spywarsy? spyconic?) that you are, in fact, a bothan SPY kind of kicks the notion of 'subtle' right out of the ballpark.

Now, if you've removed armour restrictions BY PROFESSION, how can anyone be as subtle as a spy if there's no 'spy' armour? No, put away the 'I wanted to be a goth but my mum woouldn't let me wear mascara' black trenchcoat, short, pants, gloves... that's a not-nearly-a-superhero outfit, not armour.

It's not even flippin' functional. Here I am, in the middle of the desert... I need to hide my presence and blend in with these local Tusken dudes... (ping Lighbulb) I KNOW!!! I'll dress head to toe in black and switch on my Master Spy taxi light. Haha!! I'm so cunning they'll never know!!!

Yeah, right. Maybe some seriously dim opposite faction guys will drive past and think "Hey, look at the tall jawa..."

OK OK OK so 'psies' aren't really 'wildernessy'. After all, the mud and gunk and dust and flooz would just gum up the gadgets in your James Bond playset. So maybe 'sipes' are teh urban 1337? Yep, lemme just blend in with the crowd here... nobody will spot me against this sand coloured wall in my BIG BLACK TRENCHCOAT. "No, honest, I'm not a spy, officer, I'm uh, I'm on my way to a Marlene Deitrich fancon..." /sing Fallink In Luff Akain...

Yeah, subtle.

That's us 'piess' all over. eh.

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