Sunday, May 14, 2006

New new stuff for SOE vid from E3...

OK, I know you're hungry to see ANYTHING of the 'new stuff' that's hitting SWG soon, so, here... it's a video cap from E3 and, in the background, in the middle interview (the one with the chunky, excited, nervous looking bloke in the SOE tshirt*) you can see... a teeny tiny video playing that shows another few seconds of exciting excitement.

Remember, and this is key, if it's not starwarsy and iconic, it's not SWG.

Pass me another KrispyKreme, John, the RedBull is wearing off...

(Video is from the Santa Barbara Arts TV's daily coverage of E3)

* OMFG... THAT is Grant McDaniel???

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The Lost Ranger said...

I'd just like to say that I apologise wholely and unreservedly for any comments that I've made about wee Grant McDaniels in recent days as a result of seeing that video clip.

His nervous, rabbit in the headlight appearance is probably down to him being a developer and not a PR man at heart.

Besides, he looks cuddly, like a shaved ewok. And who could be mean to ewoks.