Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Here I Sit, Brokenhearted...

After the great upheaval of P27 and P28 testing I was looking forward to returning my trader toons to their original spec, Trader (Domestics) and Trader (Structures). There had been issues with people losing levels when respecing from combat to trader/ent, so I hung off till we saw a patch addressing this.

When you respec to/from a trader or entertainer your level is now correctly stored. The respec system will now remember your progression through trader, entertainer, and combat professions independently.

Well, I did the drop and pick up shuffle with my Respec Device then headed to the "Profession Counsellor" or whatever they're now calling the NPC.

The dialogue isn't the most clearly written. An attempt at humour sadly obscures the choices (OK, so it doesn't take long to work out that one is 'yes' and the other is 'no' but c'mon, tossing in a reference to Jabba doesn't necessarily starwarsy make). Your first respec is free, but the NPC and you have a 'hilarious' starwarsy moment when you quibble the price and complain that even Jabba wouldn't charge this much...

Took the option to go back to Trader (Domestic) which my toon had had since NGE and instead of Master I'm a Novice again.

GarVa's got a thread up suggesting we put a CSR ticket in. Apparently they'll fix us until the 8th of May, but I wonder if they've realised we have no CSR representation on TC? Ah well. Can't put a ticket in anyway as I'm at my max limit of ONE open ticket. That's one that goes back to the 15th September when my house got buried while testing a bug with the pack/unpack feature.

Guess I'll just have to delete that ticket (Pity I can't delete the damned house) and see if a CSR manages to stumble into TC sometime in the next week...

Well, feeling less than impresed with the new patch I wander into Mos Eisley, flick /pvp and go SpecFor. Just for a laugh.

Oh come on, a lvl1 trader with a CDEF rifle and bright purple civvies? Yeah, took nearly ten minutes for somebody to find their flamer and toast my Mon Cal ass. Stuck a little bounty on the player, had a genuinely pleasant chat with him/her and then laughed as another BH toasted him/her. It's a dog eat dog world out there...

Cloned and headed to the starport to ship out. Hey, look, as an Trader I not only get Clones Disease but I also get "Animal Aggro" where any MoB's will react aggresively, ie, attack, for the next ten minutes. This was added as a disincentive to traders and ents attacking stuff when they themselves were unattackable. Oddly, it wasn't removed when the invulnarability was removed.

Feeling more than a little peeved I slumped down in chair in the starport and promptly landed on the floor.

So, here I sit, broken hearted.
Respec'd my toon
and the trouble started...

OH, and JUST to top it off, happy happy joy joy, SOE are putting the price for Station Access up to $25/month. Can see me having to have a serious think about whether or not to stay subbed or to cancel and maybe look back in in 6 months.

We will be increasing our subscription rates in June. Effective June 1, 2006, the new monthly subscription rate will be $24.99/month. While this announcement may be unpleasant, we have added several games to the Station Access subscription package and the cost of operating the game service for the games included in the Station Access subscription package has increased significantly since we launched Station Access. This change will help us achieve our goal of seeing that every player has a consistently enjoyable experience in our game worlds. You don’t have to do a thing; you will automatically be migrated to the new billing structure under your current subscription plan when your current subscription plan expires. Subscription rates are subject to tax and value-added taxes, as applicable.

New Station Access™ subscription rate as of June 1, 2006:

  • $24.99 per Month

When did they say Roma Victor was going Live?


The Lost Ranger said...

Well, this evening a happy helpful QA came and tweaked my MonCal's skinny blue but back up to MegaMasterTrader.

So props to the team for that :)

The Lost Ranger said...

Well, this evening a happy helpful QA came and tweaked my MonCal's skinny blue but back up to MegaMasterTrader.

So props to the team for that :)