Saturday, May 13, 2006

It was the Week That Never Was

YE GAWDz!! That was anticlimactic.......

I think we all just lived through "The Week That Never Was".

Lucas Arts and Sony Online Entertainment present....
Star Wars Galaxies at E3

SOE/SWG had their secret enclave to show those and such as those 'the video' and it seems to have generated a phenomenal null value in media presence.

They had a whole week to release snippets to the waiting masses, ie, the forum trolls like us. You know, maybe a Dev Blog? Come on, how hard would ONE paragraph a day and a photo from a mobile have been?

Some screenshots would have been nice.

Or even a foot in the mouth statement from Chris Cao about how the GCW isn't really iconic cos you only see it as a background to the jedi storyline and anyway, almost everyone ends up dead...

Monday/Tuesday nobody expected much anyway.

Wednesday, 'hump' day, and we're starting to wonder...

Thursday. C'mon, this is getting silly. There's a leaked video of one small part of their presentation taken on shaky cam and released, presumably, without sanction.

Friday? Well, the nearest we got to any signs of Dev life was Helios posting that the combat changes won't be going to TC this weekend as promised as MOST OF THE DEV TEAM are at E3. Whut??? How many of them are over there? From the few reports that I've read it's the usual suspects (Julio, a couple of LA's and a couple of SOE's finest...) oh, and TH. And Chris Cao.

So, no E3 announcement, no official video, no screenshots, no promotion, no publicity, no code going to test....

Tell me, just what the hell was last week for??

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