Thursday, May 11, 2006

Are we nearly there yet?

Are we? Are we?

It's Thursday of E3 week and, to look at the SWG official forums you could be forgiven for thinking that there was nothing special going on.

Here's a once a year opportunity to tease, tantalise then treat the player base with little snippets of detail, nuggets of info, glimpses of sexy new stuff. What do we get? A huffy post from Helios that kicks off YAFW on the boards:

Itadmin wrote:
So far the only E3 content announced is return of Weapon speed and Weapon damage based on weapon not on level.

The combat stuff is part of normal development - it's seperate from the E3 demo. I thought
everybody knew what the demo was by now?

-Helios Titan
-Lead Designer, SWG
"I find your lack of faith...disturbing."

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After managing to get one foot in his mouth so effortlessly Helios then went on to showing how easy it was to get both feet in your mouth at once by replying to the mild flaming with "Oh, but I was only joking..."

As somebody pointed out, we don't do 'fun' in SWGland anymore. It's not 'starwarsy' or 'iconic'.

Rumours leak out all over the place. On guy has been to E3, spoke to some of the devs and saw their demo running. Straight to the forums to let everyone know.... They're introducing an exploding city...

like whuh???

And still no official comment from the devs on what it is, how it might work. Damn, it's bad when you've got to ASK them to tease you.

LucasArts are showcasing the next edition of Lego Star Wars and you have got to go see the trailer. There's a link on the E3Insider page... Go! Google! Who do I look like, your butler?

The LucasArts official site has been taken over by their E3 stuff and it's great to see some old, posed, not ingame screenshots of SWG representing our old bitch of a game. As somebody pointed out, Imp players don't wear ST armour (don't ask), you can't fight Vader like that, you don't 'meet' rancors in the Tat desert. But most tellingly of all, especially as we're not a fully polished, highly honed example of the game designers art... What, with all that attention to detail, bug fixing and making sure everything was 'just so' you think it could be otherwise??

You cynic you... QUALITY SCREAMS OUT Screenshot 6 of 10 in the Lucas Arts slideshow Check out that terrain texture. Classy!

So, just half a week of E3 gone and there's old SWG, staggering about like a convention drunk. Her whale tail on show for all to see and she's just looking for somebody to tell her that they still love her...

Sad to see an old friend end up like that, eh?

Travel well friends.
Col. Ken' Ath,
Antarian Rangers, Tatooine


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