Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Stop Press! Hims Play Hers In Online game shock horror probe!

Heavy, Heavy Sarcasm intended, btw

Just read this article by Sean Twist in the LFP which has left me going "Huh? WTF?" on so many levels it's amusing.

I'll start with the obvious. "Where's the rest of the article, guy"??? It's like you've had this one great thought for something to write in your column and then wandered off to go back ingame and shimmy some. (Having played an ent in SWG for 2+ yuears I just know that's not the case, lol).

So... this guy offered you his gun? Was this meant to be symbolic? Am I just too dumb to get the whole 'dude with gun and chick with norks' thing?

Damn, Sean, I really, really don't like ragging on somebody who is just doing their job but that article is possibly one of the lamest SWG pieces I've read since the one that came out just after launch where the writer was whining about 'all there is to do in Galaxies is sit in a field and make pots...'

GAH!! What's your point? Is it really just that you had no idea that people play other genders in RPG's? Do you think ALL the players in BF2 are ALL guys? And anywahy,what's the issue here? Transgender RP is even an issue? For chrissakes... there's people in that game are playing different species.


(And oh you can bet your badgermuffing beard that I'm creating a new toon today... screeny to follow)


RickR said...
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RickR said...

Do you read the LFP? Or did you find the article via Google?

It looks like Mr. Twist went into the game looking for problems. Hence, he found one.
It probably didn't occur to him that the Jedi didn't need the gun, and was quite likely only trying to be helpful rather than junk vendor it.