Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Rangers Credo

Back in the old days, early 05, when there were still rangers in the world, I wrote a post suggesting that they were in fact the true jedi (in a SW:G context). One ranger, Bethya, took that to heart and wrote a Rangers Benediction, I've lifted the text of my original credo from the benediction as, sadly, the forums seem to have eaten the original post.

The Ranger is at one with the worlds,
taking from it only what is necessary and wasting nothing.

The Ranger seeks good for all life around him,
knowing that nature is our provider and our partner.

The Ranger seeks no glory
but dwells with the unseen and neglected.

The Ranger always thinks first;
rash action brings swift justice on all.

The Ranger is a compass
and a pathfinder for the lost.

Ranger is not a profession,
It is a lifestyle.

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