Thursday, August 03, 2006

SWG:Remapped. The House Mix (unplugged)

Yivvits blogs:

"Chapter 2 is now live and with it comes another round at trying to address the targeting and keymapping problems in SWG. Overall I feel pretty good about these changes, but there are a few things that have become glaringly apparent.

Rather than streamlining the targeting/target lock system to more closely match pre-NGE, they have made a real mess – and the only reason I can discern is they refuse to accept that the NGE controls just don’t work with SWG. In their eyes, it would be a big no-no to revert something like targeting to the pre-NGE style. "

And there's the rub of it. People are REMAPPING their keyboards to try and get back to the preNGE state and the devs seem Hell bet on trying to implement ANYTHING but that.

Honestly, it's as if they've got preNGEphobia. "OMG, that's how they did things back in the olden days, before November 15th! We can't possibly allow anyone to go back to that.... we better reinvent some arsecake random keymapping that leaves existing players feeling like they are one of the Infinite Monkeys and new players going "d00d how do this workorz??""


Dragon said...

IMO, they had to reintroduce auto tracking because it was easier to do than change the mob AI to change it to be more in keeping with the FPS combat style. It's almost impossible to fight against a mob that's running around, no matter how much Quake, Half-Life or Doom you've played.

The Lost Ranger said...

True, I do think the devs go for the 'shortest route to the loot' when it comes to fixes (Of cours,e knowing nothing about what actually goes on behind the curtain, I'm just speculatin')

But the tracking/targetting that the old timer SWG players are referring to let you tab onto a target, then so long as you spammed attacks, you'd keep hitting it, your toon automatically turning to hit it.

Reintroduce that and the problem player have with targets screaming around pretty much vanishes. Of course that then takes away from the PvP game by reducing the 'skill' needed.

Dragon said...

Don't forget that they've also introduced auto repeat fire which is pretty much reverting back to the old system entirely just with a choice of trying to chase the hyperactive AI around the screen manually.

The only difference now is that you have to press a number button and then the right mouse button to execute one of the limited range of specials.

The mind boggles, it fairly does.

Dragon said...

P.S. Yes, I'm the same commenter as before! Islamic hack attacks 4tw! (Don't ask!)

The Lost Ranger said...