Tuesday, August 22, 2006

You stole my *£$&"*$ing cloudsong..

I'm going to have to invest in incontinence pants or a bucket or something...

You Stole My Cloudsong

Warning! NSFW. Contains LANGUAGE. 

And the next time some *£$*"(("£$er says that SW:G is like WoW I'm going to find where they live, park a &£*" off huge truck outside their house and play that track in a loop thru *£$* off huge speakers...

yeah, that's what am gonna do :)



Apparently cloudsong is an item in DAOC and my comment above re WoW players was taken by some as a bit of a slur on their goodly nature. I of course immediately, wholly and humbly apologise for any offence caused. I mean, it's not as though you'd find some tauren shaman going totally emo over a spell book eh?

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