Monday, April 10, 2006

Just when I thought I was getting over that SWG thing...

"Sago" posted an awesome list of SWG videos on and I just had to steal it, sorry, archive it... (The original post and feedback thread can be found here )

Hey All,

I just wanted to share some links to some SWG videos. Some are VERY well done, one musical called Don't Stop Movin' is very entertaining. Others reminded me of what a great game we used to have.

Some really didn't have my taste of music so i just turned down the volume and watched.

Farewell videos:

Funny Video:

Holiday Video:

Musical videos:

PvP videos:

Story Videos:

Where you can see more ........

A Couple of images:


PvP Battle - lots of corpses:

Hope you guys and gals enjoy some of these as much as I did. If you do .... leave a post.

Excellent list Sago, thanks.

I'm all misty now... dammit

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