Monday, April 24, 2006

I feel dirty...

I'm not giving you the URL, it's just too painful.

But I've spent an afternoon merrily levelling a new toon in a new game and.. it was 'fun'.

Why the angst? It was Disney's ToonTime!!!

Oh the shame...

OK OK, melodrama aside. This is a CUTE game with cuteness in megasized letters all over. Character creation is, as you'd expect in a 'kids' game pretty simple and straightforward. A couple of minutes clickage and my toon, a tall blue monkey thing called something like Dippy Crazy Merrypoof was ready to lock and load, or stock up on pies and go squirt on the bank managers.

Chat, for non members, is limited to picking phrases from a drop down menu. Iconic characters, such as Mickey himself, make regular appearances and are full to the brim with lots and lots of positive reinforcement.

So... what makes it so cool? Well, from a gamers PoV it's just a fun sideshow, but if you're vaguely interested in game mechanics etc, you have GOT to take a look at this. Kill ten rats is there, lots of pacman, loads of 'collect a token'. Every system you've seen with a fancy schmantzy skin is in there. I laughed as my toon ran around thinking 'hey, if he was wearing a stromy uniform this'd be as much fun as the NGE'... give him an axe and shield instead of pies and a squirt gun and we're off to D&D land...

Seriously, find the demo, give yourself over to the power of The Mouse for three days and see how much you can learn about game mechanics.

Right... now I need Animal Crossing to run on a PC.... ;)

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