Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It's Shimtastic

Yonks ago I made a short, attractive female toon on one of the Euro servers to see if what I was suspecting on my main (male) entertainer toon was true, that only the pretty 'girls' got tips and the guys can go AFK for all anyone cares. Well, all I can say is that not once did any of my male toons get a 750k tip 'just for chatting', as well as gifts of costumes, odd loot items, and so on.

One other eye opener was just what asshats guys can be! There's my wee dancer, grinding her way thru poplock or whatever, and this eejit comes in and stands with his face in her chest. Much hilarity from his buds, lots of random obsceneities from the chest diver. I tried suggesting to him that he back off, I even moved away, but the eejit was still in there. Now, I could drop a harrassment report, or given the language he was using a community standards complaint, but instead I sent a tell to the loudest of his buddies. "Hehe, don't tell him, but I'm actually a 400lb truck driver from Iowa..."

Instant and expected response, matey shouts to all the gathered throng "He's a SHIM!!!!" I added the lot of them to iggy after that, but it was worth it to see matey try telling his pals that 'he'd known all along it was a guy' and then get ribbed for being ghey.

I think the word they really needed was 'tosser'.

ANYHOW, shimdom beckoned again when I heard about an all bothan entertainer troop on one of the old 'ranger rich' servers. So, there I am, jigging away with my blue hair, red fur and white tights on. Geezer wanders in, straight off starts giving me 'dogs abuse'. I had a quick worked, he got miffed that the dancer in front of him was a bloke behind the screen and he got himself in a right 2+8.

Kinda weird tho, he thought it was okay to eye up a short llama/dog like creature and to make all manner of lewd comments, but only thought there was something wrong when *I* turn out to be a bloke??

There's some deep rooted issues going on in that boys head, lol.

And they call it...
Puppy Love...


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