Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

Ach, I'm a weak willed sort, eh? A month after the NGE and I'm still in there. I guess I played Ranger despite it's shortcomings and general borked-ness, so why think any different about SWG now?

It was borked before, it's borked now. Life's like that.

Am I having 'fun'? Hmm. Well, depends what you mean by fun. My main toons have all, by and large, been abandoned to look after themselves recently and I've been a) hanging out in a cantina as a blue haired female bothan entertainer, b) grinding my "respec scum" (feel the lurv) jedi up from being a bloke with a pistol to being a bloke with a rifle. Just being cussed and not making his saber till 'later' and c) stooging about TC and trying to get some sense of direction with what am doing there.

Some of the more 'positive' reviews (they're out there, you just have to look really hard to find them) suggest that theres enough content to keep you going for 'months'.

I think they're basing this on the NGE's promise of 150 new quests, but I started a totally fresh toon recently, rattled through to lvl 20 in the space of just a few hours on the Legacy quests and expect another hard days play will see me in the 30's.

I'm gated at the moment as, after yesterdays awesome publish, one of the profession quests they apparently fixed is, on my server, blocked by a bunch of random spawning NPC bases that've blocked access to the waypoint I need to go to to finish the quest sequence.

So, I take my toon and head up to kashyyyk. He'll be able to do some of the lower level stuff there, plus hunting and looting brings the credits in... ah! All the NPC's in the wroshyyr tree are under the floor or down on the ground, some in or beid artwork. Like, oh foo...

Y'know, maybe it will take months to finish anything

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