Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spread Your Wings...

Or some other such tosh.

SOE have left Jar Jar Binks in charge of the seasonal events arrangements again and we have the Ewok Festival of Love, again.

For the third? year in a row the ewoks, little furry gits with rows of sharp teeth and a pretty negative attitude to outsiders, are in town doling out candy, hearts, wings and halos.

Ach, it's all a bit of fun you say but other than Ani's "Are you an angel" can you remember anything in any of the films that hinted at angels? Or ayjits running about in the background with haloes and big frakking wings?

As for the chocolate fountains.. come on, these are furry critters.. you're going to let them within a 100 yards of any sort of sticky food?

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david said...

Wow, you still play? How do you get your Ranger fill?

I don't know you and I'm pretty sure I never met you in game (I'm a Wanderhomie) but I've been playing SWGemu for the past few days and doing the Ranger thing. I always had a sort of romanticized notion about it and keep coming back to it; this is my second time on SWGemu since last August. Now that I have a free semester I just fall right back in...

I remember there being a whole arsenal of Ranger-related reading material for me to pore over during those long camp grinds and it all seems to have disappeared over the cooler months. I was just searching all over the web looking for whatever remnants of it I could find when I came across your blog.

Fun stuff.