Sunday, February 19, 2006

Oh boy.

Well, after burning out on SWG's Test Centre testing and trialling the new Spy stealth enhancements I hadn't logged in to Live since P27 went from TC to the production servers.

I'd seen a few, ok, a lot, of comments on the boards about people finding their hair had gone white and, while on TC I'd experiences some halacious ping rates which COULD have been down to the world being filled with PE from the flamethrowers or could have been down to 'improvements' that the devs said they had made to my family of gfx cards.

Other issues to do with the dev attitude to TC and R5's 'com link' posts outlining future publishes had lef tme thinking I'd not be logging to SWG again. But, greed and curiousity got the better of me and I spent this morning patching....

White hair, craptastic ping, 2fps animations... I barely got out of my house before giving up. Tipped my 'main' toon from my other account, so that's one account that'll not be getting renewed come March.

PS I've updated the gfx drivers, knocked all gfx settings to their lowest, switched texture baking on, or was that off? and generally have the machine working at it's very lowest settings and things are still looking grim.

Bloody annoying thing is that the same machine runs EQII, CIV4, SW:EAW, BF1942 perfectly well, and at far higher screen res/quality settings.

le sigh

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