Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sneak sneak sneak BOOM

So it looks like SWG Rangers will be able to place traps that will damage anything that's normally attackable. Much w00tage in camp.

Why the big deal? Well, since time began we've had a weird restriction on our weapons that means they only affect creatures. And, since time began, Rangers have been asking for traps that'll affect NPC's and, oooh, players please...

SO the devs introduced a new seried of traps just for New Ranger but they were only going to affect 'normally targettable players and NPC's". Great for the PvP and PvNPC birgade but a bit of a puzzler for the critter hitters.

But today Tiggs confirmed that our traps WILL be able to damage EVERYONE. LOL.

Sheesh, i wish they'd get this out for testing.. I want to see how the anger is redirected at the Ranger whose trap does most damage to a herd of nuna...

yah, I'm sick that way!

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